Miss Madruaga

Good morning, 

I truly hope that this weekend was a relaxing one, filled with plenty of time to celebrate you wonderful moms.  Here is our Daily Lesson Plan for this week. As this is our last full week of distance learning, please make sure your child is completing all tasks throughout the day. This week our schedule will be our usual one. 

As a reminder, here is my proposed schedule for each day:

Utilize the time in the morning to get the daily lesson plan tasks completed.

11:00am or 11:30am: ELA Small Group Instruction

12:30pm: Daily Read Aloud

1:30-2:30pm: Whole Class Math

In addition, here is the information for the coming Grab and Go on Wednesday, May 20th, from 8am-10am. 

Teachers and school staff will assist in the process to collect items. We miss all of you so much, but please know that this is not the time for hugs and goodbyes. You will drive up to your teacher’s table and we will hand you a bag full of items and give you an empty bag to fill with all items for return. Teachers and staff will be wearing masks and glove w/ hand sanitizer to ensure their safety. Social distancing protocols will be expected. With nearly 1,000 students, we need to keep to the schedule, as to avoid long lines and delays. 

STEP 1: While at home, please write or print your first and last name on a full sheet of paper and place it on your car dashboard when you arrive at school, so we can visibly see your name. 

STEP 2: Enter campus as usual. Once you are on campus, I will be located right at the entrance of the school where our classroom is on the day of Grab and Go.

STEP 3: Ms. Butros or I will hand you a clear bag with your personal items and give you a 2nd bag to fill with the school items you need to return. Please wear a mask when your window is down and stay in your car. We will make the exchange and say their goodbyes. We can’t wait to see you all. 

STEP 4: We were able to purchase 100 more yearbooks since many have asked if we can sell them in the drop off line. If you have not purchased a yearbook, bring $25 cash to Grab and Go, exact change is appreciated.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding grab and go or anything else. 

Thank you, 

Ms. Madruaga/Mrs. Alhinn