School Site Council

What is the Terra Vista Elementary School Site Council?


Every school in the Etiwanda School District is required to have a school site council (SSC) as required by California Education Code. The school site council (SSC) is composed of the principal; teacher representatives elected by teachers at the school; other school personnel elected by peers at the school; and, parents of students attending the school elected by such parents. Classroom teachers are required to compose the majority of persons represented under the requirement for staff members serving on SSC. The SSC has regular meetings 10/15/19, 12/14/2019, 2/4/2020 and 4/21/2020 which are open to the public.

The purpose of SSC is to oversee development of a Single Plan for Student Achievement for the school site. The SSC then monitors and evaluates the plan and makes recommendations for necessary changes. The school budget to implement the plan is provided by state and federal funds, and compliance of proper funding allocations is reviewed by the SSC. The SSC recommends the approved Single Plan for Student Achievement to the governing Board of Trustees for approval annually.

Click here for SSC Bylaws
Click here for 10/15/19 Meeting Minutes and Agendas.
Click here for the 11.21.19 SSC Agenda 
Click here for the 02.02.20 SSC Agenda and Click here for the 02.02.20 Minutes

For more information, please email the principal.