Vista City

Dr. Venom is a notorious supervillain who becomes bored with living in his/her current city. Venom decides it’s time to find a new city to terrorize and conquer; always up for a challenge he/she decides to take on the city that is well known for their amazing superhero academy. Dr. Venom convinces a few students at the academy to form a super villain team and take on the heroes of Vista City. But do the young villains want to fight? Can good overcome evil? Can the heroes overcome their differences with the villains to unite into one peaceful city.

Chorus Communication:

Please reach out to Mrs. Molina, Miss Burke, Ms. Gossett, or Ms. Reyes

You will be connected to a Rooms class for chorus that will link to phone/email attached to your child's Aeries account.

School Performance


May 8th

  • in school performance

Family Performance


May 9th -

5:30 p.m.

Digital Copy of the Script

Coming soon